Mounting a shared windows drive

I’m about to setup a photoblog for a friend and since he currently got his machine/server standing here I thought it could be convinient if I could have his webfiles on that machine and somehow mount that into my FreeBSD machine. So sstarted to search for mounting samba and stumbled upon this article:
FreeBSD and Samba: Automounting

But I could not make it work, first I had Samba 2 so upgraded to 3, but still no progress. Got wierd errors when doing mount_smbfs. The first I got was: “mount_smbfs: vfsload(smbfs): File exists” which didnt make much sense. I tried a lot of things, nothing helped. Finally I rebooted and now I got “mount_smbfs: vfsload(smbfs): Exec format error” which was not much more informative…
Though I found some information about that one needed to have NETSMB option set when compiling the kernel so checked my Kernel config file. Had that already and also the other pre-requisits… Though after a while I realized that I was missing the SMBFS option! So recompiling the kernel with all of these options solved it:

options NETSMB
options SMBFS
options LIBICONV

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