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Trail Viewer is a web-based presentation of trails. On a detailed map, a GPS track is laid out along with photos from the trail. It gives the viewer a much better understanding of the trail and it’s surroundings.

For example along a trail running track photos are placed at the different junctions where it might be a bit hard to find the trail. Clicking on a photo shows a larger version of the same photo overlaid on the map. If the users clicks the left or right arrow to go to the next photo/junction the map and the small figure is moved to that position as well.

The web pages can be embedded into an existing page as below or as its own page(texts in Swedish).

We provide this as a service. You send us a GPS track and photos along the track and then we will generate webpages with the Trail Viewer for you to upload on your website.

Price: 3000 SEK per trail ex VAT. If you require other modifications we can of course provide that. Contact us for a cost quote.