Installing Java

Yesterday while creating this blog I also tried to install Java on my FreeBSD machine. I wanted JDK1.4.1_01 as its the latest from Sun but that turned out to be impossible. It exists in the ports but I couldn’t make it run, the JVM crashed all the time. Even tried the Blackdown version as well but no luck.

So today I started with new energy and uninstalled those two and tried install JDK1.3.1 for which it exists a specific BSD patch. This went very well. One thing I got a bit irritated on was that javac isn’t accessable by default. I mean its not in the default path as javavm is so one has to update the path to include it to be able to compile. But all worked well and I successfully compiled a small Hello World program. Next to do is to install ANT so I can build larger projects.

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