NATd: Making DC++ work again

Since I installed the firewall in the server I have not tried to use DC++ but today I thought I would give it a try. Though I realized I couldnt search for anything and people couldn’t download files. After a short chat with Fredrik I realized why. I didn’t forward any ports from my public ip to the PC on the local net. So just to configure NATd to do that.

Fredrik had a natd.conf which I didn’t but it turned out it was not so hard to fix. Add or change the following lines in rc.conf:

  natd_flags="-config /etc/natd.conf" 

The last line should be you public interface, the one connected to Internet.
Then create a natd.conf-file with entries that are the arguments you would give natd:

  interface vr0                               
  # Direct Connect redirect                
  redirect_port tcp 412 
  redirect_port udp 412

Now you have to start natd with the new config. If you have natd already running kill it first. Give teh following command to start natd:

  natd -a nn.nn.nn.nn -config /etc/natd.conf

where nn.nn.nn.nn is your external ip.

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