Network problem with DNS

Yesterday evening I was trying to help Johan install FreeBSD on his server machine. He thought it could be interesting to try FreeBSD since it is much more secure than Windows. He had doubts having a Windows machine up on the net 24/7. So I brought the 4.7 floppies and started to install and all went well until teh installation should resolve the name of the naem of the ftp server we used( I have experienced that problems before with installing FreeBSD, for instance on the old laptop I have here.
I think the problem has to do with the ARP tables in the router is not updated and therefore the return traffic does not return to the host as it should. But I’m not really sure about it since yesterday Johan first brought up windows on the machine to transfer some files from it before we erased the HD to install FreeBSD. He was viewing some webpages so obviously had access to the net. Then we restarted machine, used DHCP to get the IP number so we would get the same as windows had used before. But the installation could not resolve the ftpserver name.
Anyone got any clue on this?

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