So I have not been able to connect with VPN to SICS from home lately so I tried to fix that now.

Have not been able to figure out what was wrong really but I noticed by cealring the logs in the firewall with:

ipfw resetlog

that it denied IP protocol 47(GRE) which was really strange since there is a rule to let that in and out.

${fwcmd} add pass gre from any to ${vpn} via ${oif}<br>${fwcmd} add pass gre from ${vpn} to any via ${oif}

Though I took time to add some other new rules for mainly stopping my log to flood wiht useless information, added deny to port 135, 137, 139 and 445 all related to SMB according to Kurt Seifried’s ports list.

So I reloaded all the rules into the IPFW with:

sh /etc/ipfw.conf > /tmp/ipfw.txt &

and all seems to work now.

One thought on “IPFW

  1. Somehow the firewall had forgot those two rules… really strange, just restarting it helped though. Have to investigate more. I’ll save a copy of the printout of ipfw list in /root/

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