USB Mass Storage device

So I just had 4.8 installed and all seemed to work since I did not get any errors as before but…

I could not mount the device… Though after a bit of struggling why i got the Invalid Argument response eash time I tried to mount it I realized the error.

I tried to mount the disk as a MSDOS disk but it was NTFS!!

Now it works all just fine!

Installing USB Storage Device

Today I bought a i-Boy 2.5” HDD case to put a 2.5” HD into. It connects to a computer using a USB cable. I had a 20Gb disk on the shelf and together with that case it will be a perfect storage device for MP3s. Next time someone has a party, just grab that disk on the way there and here comes the music!

So I wanted it both to plug in to my PC or anyones else. So I started to format the HD on my PC. I chose NTFS since it’s quite large disk and most people have XP today, if they dont I guess they can’t hear my music. But I also wanted it to sit on my FreeBSD server so I could stream the music to my xBox for instance.

So this is what I did to make that work. Read the comments I made to see what I actually did.