Mail reception failed after ports update

It turned out to be due to that Perl got updated and by default perl disables SUIDPERL. I tried several things to activate it like configuring /etc/make.conf but it didn’t help.

This is how I solved it:

make config

And chech SUIDPERL and then make

make showconfig

to make sure it is set.

To build and reinstall do:

make deinstall

make reinstall

Turned out the above even didn’t help, though found this which finally solved it. Not so easy when there is a bug in the code!!

It’s been reported officially too.

Problems installing GTK20

When doing a port upgrade several X-based ports failed. After some struggling I found out the reason, the graphics/cairo port didnt default to include X11 libraries as it should. Strange….

I solved it by starting a make for Cairo and interupt it.
cd work/cairo-1.2.60
cd ../..
make deinstall
make reinstall

Strange perl error while updating ports

When running

/usr/local/sbin/portupgrade -ra

I got several errors:

** Port marked as IGNORE: databases/p5-DBD-Pg:
        Needs DBI 1.38 which needs perl 5.6, install lang/perl5.8 and try again
  • Port marked as IGNORE: mail/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin: Needs perl 5.6.1 or higher, install lang/perl5.8 and try again

Could not figure out what was wrong since I just had installed perl5.8 from ports! After googling I found out that apparently this is a problem with old FreeBSD installations, 4.10 like I have. The problem is that the installation does not update some files that are automatically done on systems like 5.3. By issuing the command

/usr/local/bin/use.perl port

the updates are done.

Problems installing Horde again

I have just made a total upgrade of my ports tree and ran into some problems. One was that Horde or rather php couldnt load any dynamic libraries anymore. Don’t remember having any problems with that before. A search on hte net gave me the hint I needed. In the article “dBforums – unable to find php_mysql.dll” it is described how one should change extension_dir in /usr/local/etc/php.ini. After changing it to /usr/local/lib/php/20020429/ Horde installed nicely again.

Keeping installed packages up-to-date

This FreeBSDDiary article explains how to keep your installed packages from ports up-to-date. “The FreeBSD Diary—Got ports? Here is THE way to upgrade them!”

When I ran pkgdb -F I got some Stale Dependencies I could not solve since somehow installed packages like ImageMagick depended on fontconfig that was not installed. Have no idea how I have ended up in that situation.

But reading on I found information on the pkgdb man-page that said one should run portsdb -Uu after doing a cvsup on the ports tree. I have cvsuped my ports tree several times without running it so now I’m doing that.

Short summary:
cvsup -g -L 2 ./ports-supfile
portsdb -Uu
pkgdb -F
portupgrade -arp