I’m Karl-Petter Åkesson. I live in Åre, Sweden, a small ski-resort in the northern parts of Europe. I run my own company YellowOrb where I mainly develop software. For a long time (1996-2010) I used to work as a researcher at the leading research institutes for applied information and communication technology here in Sweden, SICS and Interactive Institute. I still foster an interest in pervasive games and interactivity and try to get all projects centre around those topics. I also love all kinds of outdoor activities, kiting on snow and water, photography and both traditional and computer games.

This is my blog. I mainly keep it is a diary of things that interests me, more like an advanced bookmark list but I also document how I solve things so others can benefit from those solutions, and if I might stumble into the same problem again I have it documented how I solved it the first time. All is mainly written for my own purpose mainly, to easily find things later. Though I try to write texts so they will make sense for others. And sometimes I post about things that happens in life.

If you want to contact me, please send an e-mail to .

There is also a mix of Swedish and English. Generally I tend to write in Swedish when the subject is more private. I’m mainly considering the audience and also my skills in the language. It’s more easy to write richer in Swedish.

I dont know how you got here, but if you are interested and know some Swedish you can take a look at my other pages here at YellowOrb. There are pictures from mountain hikes, kiting sessions, snowboard and ski trips, diving, trips in general and pictures of life. All text is in Swedish so might be a bit tricky to navigate, in general links to pictures are in the right column but it’s not always true.

Or browse over to my Photoblog to view some photos or check my photography portfolio.

Here is a list of other sites where you can find me:

Some work related information:
Interactive Institute
YouTube videos from work