Cool stuff on the PSP

Haven’t tried any C64 emulator before on the PSP, but did today. Works great! Installed both PSPVice and C64PSP. Both worked fine excpet that PSPVice didnt paly any sound, which is strange since the latest version should support sound.

You can get a huge amount of c64 games from sites such as, and

And while we are on the C64 subject, if you havent seens Joakims C64 emulator in Java, check out his site!

Supreme Snowboarding

Regarding Supreme Snowboarding

How to make it work with XP:

Install the game. Rename or delete supreme.exe. Apply Supreme_Snowboarding_Patch_v1.035

Have not tried the following tips but might be handy:

“If you want to run the game WITHOUT CD: Just copy the directory DataAnims to C: (or to another root directory of your hard disk).”