BFTV på Xboxen!!

Wow super coolt! Såg på BFCentral tidigare idag att en match i EuroCup skulle sändas på BFTV. När jag satt och tittade på den och chattade lite med en kompis så kom vi på att det hade ju vart himla koolt om man kunde spela upp BFTV i xboxen istället för på PCn.Googlade lite och hittade XBMC Online Manual : Playing Streams som förklarar hur man skapar en fil som innehåller URLn till en Stream.

Så för att få det att funka med BFTV gick jag till deras hemsida tog upp källkoden för sidan. Det var inte speciellt svårt att hitta ActiveX delen. Tex kunde man söka efter texten under ActiveX -controllen “If you are beeing ” och precis ovan där står själva URLn: src=”mms://”. Så det vara bara skapa en text-fil, kopiera in texten mms:// och sedan spara den. Byt namn till exempelvis BFTV.strm. .strm är det viktiga. Ladda upp filen på ett ställe som du kommer åt från XBMC, starta XBMC och sedan är det bara välja den så funkar det!!!

Wireless headset

It would quite nice to have a wireless headset instead of teh corded one I got know. It’s quite hard to move around and such. One idea is to get a BT headset and connect through a BT adapter. Shouldn’t be any problem according to several sites. The Jabra BT250 seems to be one of the best. Only question is if 10 meters if enough…

Opening ports for games

So this coming weekend it is time for some LAN gaming. As we this time are going to play online games only have have lloked at setting up a dedicated server for the different ones. The games we are planning to play are:

Battlefield 1942 + mods

Half-Life mods as CS and Day of Defeat

Americas Army that is a UT mod

Enemy Terriotory that is a Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod


The find out what ports needed to be opened in the firewall I searched the net and found these pages indicating what needed to be opened.

Americas Army FAQ


PlanetBattlefield FAQ

Also the GameSpy Firewall FAQ might be useful.

More information about Americas Army server can be found here

Also when registring the server this information is also given:

A server failing the ping check has 7 days to rectify the issue. Failure to resolve the issue will result in their server account being deleted. Your server must be capable of responding to ICMP pings, devices such as a firewall or router

may prevent this. Read your firewall/router documentation for more information.

To be listed on Gamespy, please ensure that you have the following lines uncommented in your server ini file:


ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900 DoUplink=True

Microphone stopped working

Yesterday evening we aere about to play some Desert Combat so I invited all to my TeamSpeak server. Ironically all could chat along except me… My microphone seemed to stop working. I tried it on another computer this morning and it worked just fine, strange.

So after doing some more tests I started to suspect the drivers, specifically since in the last update I did in Windows Update there was something about the sound drivers. Rolling back to the previous version of the driver solved the problem, the microphone works again!

Though I was not really satisfied since I had to go back to old drivers. I looked into the VIA forums(the motherboard I have is a Asus A7V8X with the VIA KT400 chipset) and found this thread that indicated to use Realtek drivers instead of VIAs. Downloaded the drivers from here and now it works perfectly fine!