Flock or WordPress bug

I’m having some problems with this blog and posting from Flock. All lt; and gt; are removed from blog posts using Flocks built in blog post function.

a href=”http://getsatisfaction.com/flock/topics/all_and_are_removed_when_publishing_a_blog_post_with_flock?utm_content=topic_linkamp;utm_medium=emailamp;utm_source=reply_notification”Reported it/a using GetSatisfaction and there might be a solution to it, according to this a href=”https://bugzilla.flock.com/show_bug.cgi?id=16002#c16″bug report/a.
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How to upgrade wordpress

Download the latest version of WordPress Automatic Upgrade into your wp-content/plugins directory.

Unzip it:
unzip wordpress-automatic-upgrade.1.2.2.zip

You could try to go to the Plugin page of your WordPress Admin login and start the Automatic upgrade but for me it failed until I changed the file permissions. Go to your wordpress install directory and do:
chmod -R 777 *

Then I started it and gave it the FTP permissions but once more it fails to create some files in wpau-backup. I did:
touch index.php
touch index.html
chmod 777 *

Then I coudl go on to the next step but once more it fails, now to write the backup file. I get:
Task Name: files
Task Description: Backs up all the current files from the wordpress installation
Task Status: Failed
Task Start Date: 2008-08-31 19:38:49
Task End Date: 2008-08-31 19:38:49
Task Log:
Creating files backup archive at wpau-files-bak-zcvmydci.zip
Could not archive the files PCLZIP_ERR_READ_OPEN_FAIL (-2) : Unable to open archive '/web/htmldocs/www/orbblog//wpau-backup/wpau-files-bak-zcvmydci.zip' in wb mode

Go back to the plugin section of the Admin interface and the click “Click Here to Automatically Upgrade WordPress to latest Version.” at the top to start over again. The plugin claims that “Seems you have not completed the clean up process from last upgrade. Please click here to run the clean up process before continuing”. Go on and clean up. Then just follow the steps as they come and all should work just fine.

Once all is done you want to revert file permission, so do:
chmod -R 644 *
find . -type d -exec chmod uog+x {} \;


TypeKey activated

I have got tired of all spam comments on this blog. I get like 1000 spams on each real comment. So try to stop the spam I have activated TypeKey so commenters has to authorize. Do not really know how this works but will soon test to comment this entry.

Funny translator

Jim Doty just sent me an email about this discovery:

Blog.JimDoty.com » SWEDISH BLOG LINK

wow that translator was bad! But fun!

This is what it would have been…

“Was just musing about if one would wish for an IR filter for Christmas. And started to surf around a bit to see what people says about IR photography and the Canon 20D. Earlier searches have given half positive results but it seems to atleast be possible. E.g. found the following two articles from Jim Doty, one about black-and-white IR and one about colour. Sometime one has to read those through carefully.”

It might be a bit strange structure since I wanted to make the translation as direct as possible but I hope it makes much more sense than this yibberish:-)

“Sat and muse few if husband should want one IR filter to Christmas. And was bending surfer about few for that watch what people says if IR photographers and Canon 20D. Olds sökningar had goats few halv positive answer but the interacts iaf product wholly possible. Tex find followings two equipment from Jim Doty , a if black – white IR and a if colour IR. Them sheep husband take and read through decently ngn tread.”

I realize one thing that makes it really hard to read the translation is that the translator has failed at many abrevations, for instance, iaf, tex, ngn which are qutie common in colloquial writings like blogs.

Strul med åäö

Har haft massa strul med ÅÄÖ ett tag nu och inte lyckats riktigt lista ut varför… men tittade mer på det nu och såg att jag ställt om PublishCharset till UTF-8. Kommer inte ihåg alls varför jag gjort det, men genom att ta bort det direktivet i config filen så verkar allt fungera bra igen. Lite för att komma ihåg att jag gjort detta är anledningen att jag skriver ned detta nu.