Progress on the espresso controller

After some struggling around I have now successfully created my first small program in HI-TIDE. I had missed I was looking into the pic1267x.h file when finding defs for my code. The program I tried to compile was the simple debouncer example from the PICkit FLash Starter Kit though it was not specifically written for the 12F675 which I have here. Thus I had to change some of the defs used, e.g. RA5 to GPIO5. I got help from the HI-TIDE Forum that I should look in pic12f6x.h instead which made it much easier to get it to compile:-)

Also solved the powersupply issue. Just take a 220V USB charger, gives a nice 5V with 500 mA!

Espresso controller

Spent some more times on the new PIC project and found some useful stuff:

Mike Pearce Heater project over at MicroChips webiste is more or less what I intend, atleast when it comes to writing code! So Basically I just need to compile it and build the electronics, atleast for a first version.

And looking for a C compiler I found out that nowadays HTSoft have a free version of their PIC C Compiler. And best of all, it has no limitations for the 12F629 or 12%675 which I intend to use!

And ontop of all these great news I also found out that HTSoft now have an eclipse based IDE! HI-TIDE – HI-TECH Integrated Development Environment

Now I just need to get Mike’s code to compile with the PIC C compiler using the HI-TIDE.

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