Errors when I post new entries…

I get some error when I post new entries here. It is not the same all the time. Have to take a look at it later in the week. Here is the one I got when I posted the previosu entry.

Use of uninitialized value in modulus (%) at <br />
/usr/local/www/cgi-bin/lib/MT/ line 155.

Fighting back SPAM

So this blog used to be SPAM free until about a week ago. Since then I have got like 300 trackbakc SPAMs. Now its time to FIGHT back! I just found this nice initiative from Google, Yahoo, MSN that makes it pointless for those SPAMMERS to post linka on my site! Ha!

And just to be extra mean to you SPAMMERS out there I also installed the MT-Blacklist and had to upgrade to MoveableType3.1