Nice Music

This is just another of those reminder entries….

GrooveSalad at SomaFM is a really nice internet radiostation. Just blogged this to remember to add it in the config file for my XboxMediaPlayer.

Supreme Snowboarding

Regarding Supreme Snowboarding

How to make it work with XP:

Install the game. Rename or delete supreme.exe. Apply Supreme_Snowboarding_Patch_v1.035

Have not tried the following tips but might be handy:

“If you want to run the game WITHOUT CD: Just copy the directory DataAnims to C: (or to another root directory of your hard disk).”

How to stat BF1942 linux dedicated server on FreeBSD 4.8

I just tried to setup and run the latest version of the Linux dedicated server on my FreeBSD 4.8 machine.

I already had the Linux-base installed but this thread indicates you need the debian version of it but I dont use it. And it works. Though I mounted the linproc as indicated in the thread, though dont know if that is needed, but I just wanted to be sure BF would know my CPU speed.

Though I had to brandelf the binary as indicated by this thread.

Jedis in SWG

SWG Realms Jedi Article describes the features of Jedis in SWG. Looks interesting. It’s an interesting concept as well and it will be interesting to see how they have made it different for players to achieve Jedi status.