More about SPAM comments

Some time ago I installed James Seng’s Bayesian filter on this blog to give it a try. After approximately a months use I’m not very pleased. Maybe I have missunderstood how to use it but I have to login to the blog and check every SPAM comment and sometimes indicate one it hasn’t got and then delete them all. I don’t want to do that kind of stuff. I only get one SPAM comment per week or so which makes this as bothering as manually delete them. Therefore I installed James’ other solution that gives the user who writes the comment a very simple challange but one that a bot can not fullfill. I hope this will work much better.

Actions against blog-SPAM

I have started to get SPAM comments on this blog. I found it much irritating. When talking to Emmanuel about this today at work he recommended to upgrade moveable-type since the latest version has some built-in SPAM protection. He also showed me James Seng’s Bayesian Filter for MT.

I have now upgraded to MT 2.661 which was quite easy, just follow the instructions. And I have installed the Bayesian filter, the only tricky part was to to create the necessary tables in MySQL. I followed step 3. in the installtion but when I checked that bayesian-init-db.cgi was executable, I missed to check it was readable…. Once that was done it all wnet just fine. So now lets see how long it takes to learn to detect the SPAM-comments.

Solving spam comments…

So far this blog has been free of SPAM comments but it is a large and growing problem but there are different methods on how to deal with it. Emmanuel found a page at the Scriptygoddess that lists several methods. The one I like most is James Sengs Turing test.


I found ZonkBoard when surfing some blogs. It’s a neat tool that lets visitors keep an oongoing chat with you or other visitors.

ZonkBoard also have a list of other Blog Tools that could be interesting to look through.