I brought my Holux M-241 on our last hike in the Swedish mountains and wanted to use the tracks to geotag all photos. So when I got home I used the Holux Utility software to download all tracks. Worked fine and I uploaded all to WikiLoc but when then to geocode all the images in Ligthroom I tried to use Jeffrey Friedls GeoEncoding plugin but realised it couldn’t handle the kml files. After some fiddling around I found out that the timestamps where missing in the kml files.

After some googling I found out what options to use on GPSBabel to get it working. It was mentioned here.

gpsbabel -p “” -w -i gnav_trl -f “OLDFILE.trl” -o gpx -F “NEWFILE.gpx”

So using those options with all the different trl-files I got from the unit I managed to create one gpx file that Jeffrey’s excellent plugin could manage. Then I used Jeffrey’s other plugin to upload all the photos to Flickr where they can be viewed on a map!

Next time I’ll try to use the built in functionality of GPSBabel to download data directly from the Holux M-241. In the same thread it was mentioned one should do:
Windows (if on COM10): gpsbabel -t -r -w -i m241 -f COM10 -o gpx -F data.gpx
though have not tried it yet.

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